Poultry Supplies

in Hicksville, NY

Whether you prefer chickens, ducks, or even turkeys, we have the supplies and knowledge you need to get started raising poultry. If you have just a few birds or chickens or a larger, mixed flock, we are here to help you maintain a happy and healthy flock. We carry everything from first aid supplies to chicken coops, and everything in between to rule your roost. Visit our store in Hicksville, NY or give us a call today and we’ll help you find the best poultry feed and supplies for your flock.


  • Poultry Feeds
  • Chicken Feeds
  • Chicken Food
  • Poultry Food
  • Duck Pellets
  • Layer Pellets
  • Scratch Grains
  • Feeders
  • Waterers
  • Heat Lamps
  • Treats
  • Supplements
  • Chicken Coops
  • First-Aid Supplies
  • Live Chicks (available seasonally)
  • and so much more!

Need baby chicks? Contact us today and we can help you get your flock started!

Whether your birds are growing up, laying eggs, being raised for production or even as pets, you need wholesome, nutritious ingredients to feed your flock. That's exactly what you'll find in our selection of chicken feeds, poultry feeds and duck feeds.

Our Favorite Poultry Brands

purina brand
poultry brand
New Country Organics
poultry brand
poultry brand
Green Mountain Organic Feeds

Other poultry brands we love: Happy Hen Treats, Country Feeds, Layena, Green Mountain and MannaPro