Grooming Tips for Your Horse

A well groomed horse not only looks good, but also enjoys the attention he receives while being groomed.

• Untangling a Matted Tail: Wash the tail thoroughly with soap and water. Liquid soap will work best. After rinsing, apply an equine hair conditioner. Once the tail is dry, carefully untangle the matted strands. A plastic comb with large teeth might be helpful. You may lose tail hair as you work on the tangle. For bad tangles, you might want to repeat the process.
• Bathing: Shampooing your horse too often will cut out the natural oil in the coat which will result in a dull looking coat. After shampooing, you can apply a moisturizer by briskly rubbing it into the fur with your hands. Follow the contour of the hair growth as vigorously as possible. This will generate heat which will help absorb the moisture deep into the coat, leaving you with a brilliant shine.
• Hoof Care: Take baby oil and rub it into the hoof, wiping off any residue. This will keep anything from sticking to the hoof while walking.

Outside of the grooming process being a necessary part of caring for your horse, it also creates an opportunity for bonding with your equine friend!

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