Identifying Horse Colic And What To Do About It

Often times the thing most people associate with horses is racing. Whether it's at the Kentucky Derby or Saratoga Springs, horses prove time and again to be powerful animals. But along with their strength is a sickness that can be a major weakness. According to, horse colic, where a horse has severe abdominal problems, is the No. 1 natural cause of death in horses.

Horse colic can be caused by a wide range of things from bad feed to the horse’s intestine getting twisted. Some of the most severe signs that your horse may show when it has colic is looking, biting or kicking its stomach. It may also act restless and stretch excessively. If you suspect your horse does indeed have colic you should not let it roll around because this could further twist the horse’s intestines. Be careful when getting the horse up because it will act wildly when in pain and has the potential to hurt you.

Horse colic is a horrible sickness and if you suspect it then contact a veterinarian immediately. Remember that vets are the most equipped to handle the situation and should be considered the first line of defense. They will know what medicines to administer and can recommend if surgery is needed.

Source: Ultimate Horse Site

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