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  • Manufacturer: Farm Innovators

Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. Unique heating design. Easy grip handles holds 16 gallons of water. Guaranteed for 1 year 200 watts of power. 16 gallon plastic heated tub. Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. Easy grip handles for portability.

  • Manufacturer: Farm Innovators
  • SKU: 085045000154
  • Model Number: DPH-15

Custom designed for use in all Rubbermaid stock tanks. 1500 watts of power. Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. Unit is unnoticed by livestock - no cord in water. SAFE IN ALL PLASTIC TANKS. Easy to install; installs within minutes. Guaranteed for One Year.

  • Manufacturer: Little Giant Miller Mfg.
  • Model Number: CA500

Whether transporting barn waste, water, or moving bulky items like hay, feed bags, and garbage cans the Little Giant muck cart makes it easy.  Perfect for use around the garden and yard too!

  • UPC: 081019090008
  • Manufacturer: Agway
  • SKU: 08101909

ACQ is a water-based wood preservative that prevents decay from fungi and insects (i.e., it is a fungicide and insecticide). There are currently four AWPA standardized ACQ formulations, ACQ Types A, B, C, and D. The different formulations allow flexibility.

  • UPC: 742638421139
  • Manufacturer: Agway
  • SKU: 08101193

Pressure treated split rail style fence post for creating an attractive fence around your property line. Can be used around the farm, home, and garden.

This unit is designed to heat water as opposed to de-icing water. A stainless-steel guard protects the durable heating element that will heat water past 150°F towards boiling, depending on the bucket’s volume and insulation. It comes with a 6 foot cord and is designed to rest easily inside a 5 gallon bucket. The heater is thermostatically controlled with over-temperature protection. For use in water only.

  • Manufacturer: Absorbent Specialty Products, LLC
  • SKU: 058633001352

Stall DRY® Absorbent and Deodorizer is composed of a natural blend of food grade diatomaceous earth and clay in a granular form, which has the ability to neutralize ammonia and absorb odors and moisture. Stall DRY® provides ammonia cpntrol and deodorization and is safe to use with all animals. Stall DRY® reduces ammonia levels, eliminates odors and provides moisture absorption. 40 Lb.

  • UPC: 085045001502
  • Manufacturer: Farm Innovators
  • SKU: 8504502120
  • Model Number: FB-120

120-Watts of power. Oversized five gallon capacity (holds 24 quarts). Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary (on 35° F, off  60°). Unique "Hide-Away" cord compartment conceals cord for year round use. Heavy-duty "anti-chew" cord protector.

  • SKU: 8504500418
  • Model Number: H-418

1250-Watts of power. The most durable floating de-icer available. Constructed of patented Cast Aluminum for ultimate effciency and safety. Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. Heavy-duty "anti-chew" cord protector. Unique patented design. Best for use in metal, plastic or rubber tanks 70-200 gallons. SAFE IN PLASTIC. Guaranteed for three years.

  • UPC: 085045003605
  • Manufacturer: Farm Innovators
  • SKU: 8504500360
  • Model Number: HB-60

60-Watts of power in an oversized two gallon capacity (holds 9 quarts)! Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. Heavy-duty "anti-chew" cord protector. Heavy-duty bail with reinforced connectors. Table of measurements and guaranteed for one year.

  • UPC: 664922344606

Dirt floors are difficult to manage and keep clean. Digging out "problem areas" is a constant nuisance. Concrete floors are easy to clean, but are uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time, even for humans. With Tenderfoot Stall Mats, the amount of bedding needed is dramatically reduced.

  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company
  • SKU: 084369020138
  • Model Number: P20FBNAVY

Little Giant Flat-Back buckets are a favorite on farms and ranches everywhere. The Flat-Back fits more compactly for hanging against a wall or fence, plus it makes hauling heavy loads a lot easier. 20 qt. Available in many other colors and sizes.

  • UPC: 817969001036
  • Model Number: R103

Independence Flags American Flag with Pole. Made in the USA.

  • SKU: 10512008

Cleanup without the hassle thanks to the DuraFork Bedding Fork. Manufactured with extra strength polycarbonates, this fork is built to last. The special tines are uniquely angled to provide easy pick up of unruly manure, with less spilling.

  • SKU: 11432542

Keep stalls fresh and clean with the Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher Granules.

  • SKU: 11432540

Keep stalls fresh and clean with the Sweet PDZ 40lb Stall Refresher. This special formula absorbs the accumulation of ammonia, thus lessening the danger of hurting your horses' upper respiratory airways.

  • UPC: 754888018991
  • SKU: BCI 103333

Adjustable; A Method Of Tying A Horse (Usually In A Barn Aisle) Using Two Ropes, One On Each Side, Connected To A Solid Pos

  • UPC: 756637283094
  • SKU: 7000343

Black blended corn and rattan fiber; full shoulder; 4-sew, wire banded. With 1 1/8 inch black lacquered handle.

  • UPC: 715519442547
  • SKU: BCI 064806

Metal and Pvc Coated Bridle Bracket For Hanging Assorted Tack Items

  • SKU: BCI 380575

Multiple Feeding Of Animals, Salt and Mineral Feeders, Ceramic Tile Soaking and Other Farming and Industrial Chores

  • SKU: BCI 380572

Excellent All Around Bucket. Large Capacity (70 Quarts) With Extra Heavy Wall Construction, This Handy Bucket/Basket Is Ideal

  • UPC: 715519448594

Dual purpose hand mitt to massage like a curry or wash like a brush.

  • UPC: 002835999146

Dimensions: 60 X 34.5 X 32, 10 Cubic Foot Capacity, Dual 16 Wheels. Heavy Duty Homeowner Or Contractor Wheelbarrow.

  • UPC: 086621004542
  • Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

The original self-polishing saddle soap - use it after every ride. Makes leather look like new with a single application. Cleans, conditions and polishes in one easy step. Cleans, softens and renews leather - then dries to a long-lasting shine.