Green Mountain Organic Poultry Grower

Green Mountain Feeds

Our poultry feeds are specially mixed to give your flock the proper building blocks for profitable egg production, weight gain and overall health. We’ve got the recipe to target your flock’s specific needs.

  • Minimum Lysine0.7%
  • Minimum Methionine0.3%
  • Minimum Crude Protein17%
  • Minimum Crude Fat4.5%
  • Maximum Crude Fiber5.5%
  • Minimum Calcium0.80%
  • Maximum Calcium1.05%
  • Minimum Phosphorus0.55%
  • Minimum Salt0.4%
  • Maximum Salt0.5%

Feed free choice to layer birds that are 5-6 weeks of age or older. Feed till onset of lay. Use as a maintenance diet for mature birds that are no longer laying. May also be used as a finisher for broilers if increased fat is desired. Keep fresh water available at all times.

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